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There really is a lot that we can talk about when it comes to the Hollywood style of filmmaking in general, but of course as you probably already know the purposes of this entire list of articles and blogs is to talk about multimedia lighting and all of its purposes and techniques, and so that is exactly what we are going to continue to talk about in this particular article that is all about multimedia lighting.

The thing is that we really need to focus in on some of the techniques and emotional responses that multimedia lighting can elicit and that is something that will start to bring your multimedia lighting to the next level. The thing is that you need to start thinking about how the lighting makes you feel or the shot in your film in general, and you need to be thinking about your audience the whole time that you are lighting your film or doing any type of multimedia lighting work because when you start to think about your audience on a shot by shot basis you will start to see that the consistencies and the emotional responses to each shot will be exemplified through the multimedia lighting. That is why multimedia lighting is such an important aspect of the filmmaking process and we just can’t express it enough that any type of filmmaker in Hollywood or anywhere for that matter needs to be experienced when it comes to things like multimedia lighting because it will make a huge difference in the production quality of your work and who knows how for really awesome and good multimedia lighting can take your film career because if it impresses the right people you will for sure be in a really epic part of the filmmaking world that could lead to a lot of success and just a bunch of really epic people wanting to be your friend in general.

So for this next article in this list of articles about multimedia lighting we are going to focus in on something that we think is a really intense and awesome way to film certain intense shots in a movie, and that technique is a soft front light combined with a hot or directional backlight. The thing is that you definitely are going to like seeing the soft light on your actor’s face and that is something that you definitely want because a hard front light could look really bad, but of course by putting a directional hot light on the back of the actor’s head you are going to light up the actors neck and ears and this is going to make a really awesome effect on the subject that looks really intense, especially if the natural lighting of the shot is rather dark. This is something that you would like to do in a really intense conversation scene or something that involves crime or drama in some way or another, and that is because this type of lighting or multimedia lighting is something that elicits a really intense emotion and looks really crazy in general and that is exactly what a lot of Hollywood filmmakers use this technique for in general.


When it comes to multimedia lighting there really is a lot that we can talk about and I think being in a city like Los Angeles definitely makes multimedia lighting a really hot topic always because people are always thinking about what they can do as a filmmaker to make their projects and films look a lot better, but of course there just isn’t going to be that type of luxury all the time in your filmmaking process to do all sorts of epic lighting techniques, but that shouldn’t matter because lighting can be very basic if you know the fundamentals of multimedia lighting. That is exactly what we are going to be talking about in this entire list of articles and blogs and we know that as you continue to read these articles you are going to start to further understand just how important lighting is in the filmmaking process and that is exactly why we think this type of subject like multimedia lighting is such an important topic for a lot of people to know about.

You don’t just need to be a filmmaker in Hollywood to want to know about multimedia lighting because any type of video that you make should have some kind of multimedia lighting that is outside of the ISO of the camera and things like that, and of course even if you are just trying to make some marketing content or promotional videos for your business you are still going to want to know how to light your interviews and all of your shots properly and make them look really good so you don’t have to do anything dumb and make yourself and your business or brand look bad. There really are a lot of people out there who are just getting started in the field of multimedia lighting but that doesn’t mean that you can’t master it because it is something that you can learn pretty quickly if you are smart and strong and can figure out lights really well. But of course there are so many different techniques that are involved with multimedia lighting and they are all used for the purposes of creating an elicit emotion or response or feeling to a movie or video, and that is why multimedia lighting is so important, because it sets the mood for each and every shot in a movie, which of course is the most important aspect of filmmaking.

So if you are the type of person who is trying to be a filmmaker and wants to know more about multimedia lighting then you definitely are in the right place because as we continue to talk more about multimedia lighting we are going to make sure that you are well informed and that you come out of these articles with a few new tricks up your sleeve that you can use on your next movies or film sets, and that could really lead you to some epic movies and stories, so thank you so much for being here and wanting to learn more about multimedia lighting because we really appreciate that and we are just really excited to be able to teach you more about multimedia lighting.







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